My Last Monday…In Victoria. This Year.

I leave in 6 days for Wales! Yet doesn’t seem real. I mean, I have everything prepared (everything is bought, from pens to socks to kitchen supplies all organized on the counter) but still, 6 is just a number. I’ve been thinking about the exchange for 10 months. 10 whole months I’ve thought things like “I won’t be here for Christmas next year. I’m not gonna be able to do Easter Eggs at home next year.” So for the date to finally be here, so close, it doesn’t quite seem like it’s actually going to happen. Obviously it will happen (quite a large scholarship riding on it, as well as all the stuff my parents have bought me) though really, 6 days or 60, same kind of feeling.

I am not trying to make it sound as if I am not excited, on the contrary, finally, after nearly a year, I am finally going to go! Like, finally! And if you count the wanting to move to Europe, I’ve been actively wanting an waiting for this for at least 6 years, since my trip to London in 2006. Just at this moment, all this preparation has gone into it, this exchange, and it is actually going to happen. Next Monday I am going to be landing in London. That is madness!

Now of course there needs to be packing done, but I use my stuff so I can’t really put it in suitcases this early in the week. I can only load up my desk with everything so it is a precarious pile that my cat has difficulty in walking over. Other than that, a couple things planned, but nothing major happening this week, so all I can do is wait. And wait. And count down the days!

I was stressed a few days ago about how I would be able to bring my violin with me, and the answer is I won’t. Virgin Atlantic is being really ridiculous in its stance to not allow violins as a carry-on hand luggage, when it would probably fit in an overhead compartment. They want to check it is down below, which is way too risky. So, I’ve decided not to bring it. Instead, I am going to rent one in Wales. I emailed the International Rep in Wales (who has been super nice and helpful these past couple months, will actually meet her next week:) inquiring about renting, and she forwarded my email to someone else at the university, who sent it off to 2 people, who each gave me a name to contact to get a violin or playing in an orchestra information. So I had 5 people to email and say thanks! And they all sound very nice, making me even more excited to go. I feel like I’ve got a couple little connections now! Hopefully I’ll be able to find a violin, and join an orchestra as well. If not, the harp is the national instrument of Wales, perhaps I should learn that too! So after being annoyed at Virgin Atlantic, it might be cooler anyway to rent a Welsh violin. I shall find out next week more about it!

One thought on “My Last Monday…In Victoria. This Year.

  1. Hi Caitlin;
    Read your blog on the Europe trip….quite a trip!!!
    My daughter and I did a river cruise two years ago and went from Germany to Greece via boat and bus.
    I am diappointed about the violin….however if you can rent one, do so, and make sure it is a 3/4 size, otherwise it will be too big for your hands.
    Please keep me posted, as to lessons etc.,studies, and orchestra.
    We miss you at J. de Fuca. Sherman has taken over leading the 2nds, since Frank is still recovering from eye surgery (cataracts) and sore shoulder. Jaqui has joined us in the 2nds and Ryland is back plus we have Tony on ‘cello (Tom’s friend).
    Cheers for now.
    Mary Clarke

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