5 More Days…Getting Things More Organized

It’s my last Tuesday this year! And yes I will keep thinking about it that way. Today I finished doing pretty much everything that I could do out of the house, so staying inside the rest of the week and packing! Well not really, still need a haircut, but otherwise yeah. My sisters have all their activities beginning again, and all I’m doing is staying home. Of course that will drastically change by next week, so I’m not really complaining. Just a fact really.

I did not do everything that I wanted to accomplish today, though arguably the more important things of making a pumpkin pie and Eton Mess ice cream were done, so who’s to say I wasted my time today. I got a backpack, to act as carry-on. So finally, after years of resisting, I finally have a backpack! I didn’t really need one in high school, short bus trip and all that, and at Camosun it probably would have been a good idea to have one, but I just really didn’t want to look like a student. That sounds weird, because of course I am a student, yet a backpack was not an accessory I wanted. However this one seems to be good, and pretty, and well, I am a student! So I should look the part. My laptop fits in it, and it will just be the absolute simplest thing to bring onto the plane.

It kind of seems like I have to do so much before I leave, yet at the same time there really isn’t too much that I can do at the moment. My room yes is still a mess, but why would I want to clean that up? The desk will be put in suitcases, er that is, what is on it, and the rest is pretty much just books. And more books. And then some jewelry, which I should organize and gift some, because right now the amount that I want to bring with me to Wales is several pounds worth. So maybe if my bags are too heavy, that is what will go, or I’ll lose some clothes first;) I’m not leaving behind my shoes, jewelry, or kitchen equipment! Nor my scarves, though those are so light it wouldn’t make a difference if all (over a dozen) of them were left behind.

For the actual school part, there isn’t anything that I can do here in Victoria. I can only register once I am at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (such a lovely and long name, yes I will use it all the time) though I do have a list of modules with classes as options. I’ve been watching a BBC documentary about Wales, halfway through the 6 hour   show, and Medieval history actually seems pretty interesting. I’ve only ever done Renaissance and later, just one chapter in high school dealing with the Plague of the mid 14th century, but I would like to learn more of the 3 digit years. Hopefully I’ll be able to sign up then for a Medieval history class. I won’t know until next week (or less!) and till then nothing to be done here. Just packing, which I should do tomorrow. At least weigh everything as the ridiculous baggage restrictions exist. And then I shall make another pie.