Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

So Wednesday has arrived! And almost gone, as it is 9pm. No terribly late supper tonight, it was the reasonable hour of ten to 8. In all seriousness, that is pretty normal here, 7:30 the average hour that I try to make things be ready. I made ribs tonight, without using nay artificial sweeteners, molasses, BBQ sauce, or ketchup. Why? Because my family is insane. Well no not really, but since Christmas we have avoided any processed foods, and that includes cane sugar. My solution for sweetness in savoury dishes then is an apple. Simply blitz up an apple with a tomato, and it is pretty equivalent to a BBQ sauce. Add some bustard, spices, and vinegar, and there is a perfectly good crock-pot marinade! Served with coleslaw. 

For dessert, there was delicious Eton Mess ice cream. Traditionally Eton Mess is a British dessert made out of meringues, whipped cream, and some sort of berry, but on YouTube there is a fantastic recipe ice-creamfying it. Quite a bit of prep to get it done, but as little sister begged me to do, how could I not? She has asked me to make many other things, but with the aforementioned lack of real sweeteners, a bit difficult. However for this dish I did make an exception as meringues depend almost solely on sugar to determine the  texture. So by that point to add it to the other elements it really seemed pointless to try and substitute honey or something. And it was so good!

This is a picture my sister took of it: (sorry it’s so big, but at least it is here!)

Speaking of YouTube, it is part of the reason why I want to go to Britain so much. That may sound a bit weird, but nearly everyday since I made my account in 2009 I have watched something British. Now it sounds odd to say that I want to move halfway across the world because of televisions, so I am not saying that. Merely that I feel I have kind of been part of that culture for a while now, but only through one medium. I can watch all the BBC and Channel 4 that I want and yet not actually experience Britain. Soon I shall be completely immersed in the culture that I have only watched, and hopefully I will be able to understand cultural references!

It’s a bit much to stay informed on the politics of 3 different countries, and unfortunately the one that kind of gets my least attention is Canada’s. But then there isn’t an election anytime soon, so it doesn’t quite matter as much…Well British Columbia will have one soon, but that’s provincial and unless its Alberta or Quebec we don’t really get much of a mention nationally. And there is less TV devoted to Canadian politics, whereas Britain has many many shows that discuss the news. And then the USA has the late night daily shows. Canada, not so much. Especially since the American election is this year there is much more material for the comedians to use. If I do take the American history course at Trinity Saint David, the whole class would probably stay up and watch the election results! Ooh, things to look forward to:)


Now here is a picture of my cat to end this entry. From food to politics, it is definitely my ramblings. I’m just counting down the days until I am actually doing something!

One last thing: received an email from Trinity Saint David this morning, telling me about all the more paperwork that I’m going to have to do. Agh!!! Paperwork really stresses me, I really want to get everything done right, but sometimes the rigid wording of things can be so confusing and frustrating. Seriously, I need to know exactly what to bring and a picture explaining what everything is! So I have emailed them back asking for clarification of things, this being about my millionth email in relation to this exchange. At least everyone that I have been in contact with has been so nice, but I prefer face to face contact. It is faster and easier, though of course with the Atlantic and the rest of Canada separating us, email is quite incredible.


Previously mentioned little sister painted my nails today. Will they stay on until Sunday, that is the question…