2 Days. Technology Will Save Me!

Well, not specifically me, but my parents and sisters. My little sister keeps saying I’m going to have to Skype her 5 times a day, or at least text. Or Tweet. Or email. Luckily, it is the 21st century, and I have the resources to be able to keep in contact with people very easily, cheaply, and quickly. It is only the timezone that might make things a little difficult. When your family are night people, and able to Skype after supper, it would be 4 am most times for me! Just a decade ago it wasn’t this easy, nor really possible this near-constant contact, so there is no reason to not go far; it’s quite easy to stay in touch with home. 

I say that now, without actually having gone anywhere longer than a month, and never alone. But really, with Skype, this blog, Twitter, and now newly joined Facebook, I think I am pretty well plugged in. The only thing I absolutely do not want to have happen is that I spend more time on these sites, on my iPhone, than actually enjoying the moment and where I am. Goodness I am spoiled with all these electronics; my laptop, my Kindle, my iPhone, my camera. All plugged in like the stereotypical teenage Western girl. Skype will be good in the evenings, once or twice a week. Twitter will be good in the mornings. Email anytime.

And Facebook…I really don’t know about that one. So far, one chat and it doesn’t seem that bad, if a little scary that the first few friend suggestions were people that had nothing to do with Camosun (which is the only information that I had volunteered) yet I have emailed them. So kind of stalker-invade-my-made-up-online-privacy, though hopefully it will be a good way to stay in contact with more family members. And as well to add people that I meet. I have long resisted Facebook, but really, so many people have it, it will probably be easier (that’s what they WANT you to think) Haha no I do know people that don’t have it, and Facebook might be falling out of fashion, though for now, if I hardly do anything on it, I think it will be fine. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to join it 2 days before I leave for Wales.

Yes TWO days!!!All day tomorrow, and then I’ve only got Sunday morning at home before I’m off! Lots of exclamation points will be used in tomorrow’s entry – f I every get around to it – but in rigid text, it is a way to exclaim “Holy %&*# I’m moving halfway across the world with nobody I know and nothing but 2 suitcases a bagful of electronics and my own sense that I should be doing something more than just staying in Langford and I can hardly believe that it is actually happening after a decade of wanting to.” So yeah, lots of exclamation marks. After packing of course!