Settling In

Hiya! So I’ve been here a few days and haven’t done much to the blog. Well that’s because I joined Facebook. For years I haven’t, precisely for the reason that I didn’t want to waste my time on it, but now it made sense. Within the first few days I’ve added half a dozen people, so ya I think it was good to sign up. Anyway, Lampeter is lovely, such a cute little town. It is definitely old, all the buildings are stuck together, and all different colours too! It’s so pretty! The people here are nice, the cashier at Sainsbury’s, a huge British supermarket chain, was very friendly and also had such a great accent.

However, I would not say that I have been surrounded by accents since I;ve been here. All the orientation we’ve been given, ie PowerPoint presentations from Student Services, the Library etc, have been in English or Welsh accent, but otherwise not any real people other than from stores or pubs. Because yes pub! Not legal age in BC, but here I can go. Actually there is one person we’ve met who is the head Hall Warden who is English, so I suppose that would count as a real conversation person.

Otherwise, my dorm floor has 8 girls room and 8 boys rooms, and so far only three Americans, one Canadian, one Russian, and one German living here. Plus there is another American who lives in the building next to us, and then another American the building next to hers, and they are both often over here! So really, not immersed in accents. Well, not British accents. Different American accents, but not British. In a few days though the domestic students come, this first week was just for the international students to get acquainted with the place, sort of visas and registration and stuff.

Yes, registering was fun! Not. I really hate doing paperwork, though I suppose it’s not to bad when you are one of a couple dozen all doing it at the same time, with the people you’re supposed to hand the forms in standing right there. So that was done, after having a welcome speech from the Vice Chancellor I think. And then we had a talk about how to use the computer, and create an account and stuff. I don’t actually remember too much about it, a combination of tired and jet lag and no real food creates not a very memorizing experience.

But finally, I am here! In Wales!!

It is so old here, the oldest University in Wales, and third oldest in England after Cambridge and Oxford. So a pretty good choice to come here. It was founded in 1822 as a place for priests or something like that to get their theological traiing, and right inside the main building (see above) there is a gorgeous chapel. Absolutely stunning and intricate in its decor.

Everything really is a new experience for me, I think everybody else on this floor has lived in dorms before, but for me having a shared kitchen is new, as is just being away from home, what I normally do. Basically all I did during the summer was prepare to come here, and waste time on YouTube and stuff, and I haven’t really had much time to do that since I’ve been here! What I’ve been doing for the past few months I haven’t yet, so it is a bit of an adjustment. I just don’t have a schedule yet, nor do I know exactly what my classes are going to be, so these first few days are nothing like what the rest of the year will be. Basically just wander around town for the next little bit! We are going to a castle, Llansteffan Castle on Sunday, and I am excited for that. It’s part of an organized trip the University of Wales Trinity Saint David does, which is part of the Cultural Programme they offer that included 7 trips per term. Bath, Cardiff, and London are all on program, places I really really want to go to!

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  1. Hi Caitlin, it all sounds so exciting but I am sure that reality is not quite the same. Are you going to post some photos? That would be good, to see some of the sights. You will find that in Canada, a building that is 100 years old is really old. Over there, really old is something like 500 years old. They have so much history right there in front of you. You will have a great time. All the best,


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