Castle! And Stuff

Today was the beginning of the week for all the students here at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, so finally here are people here on campus! Well, that may not be a good thing, as that mean now the Student Union building is open. Which means the bar is open, and also the club. Which means I can hear the club music, at least the underlying beat, while I am trying to sleep. Soon classes shall start, and then I’ll be too tired to notice! Anyways, today there was a welcome to Lampeter speech, and then we went to a welcome BACK to Lampeter speech, as we are exchange students, so technically in the second year of study. In all, 4 speeches. luckily though all the international students already had the orientation on how to use the computer and library and stuff, so we don’t have to go to those this week. Which means, it is a pretty free week. I want to get a violin tomorrow, and to do that I will have to take an hour long bus ride to Carmarthen. That’s not too bad though, same distance from home to Camosun.

But oh yes the castle! The trip was part of the cultural programme the university offers, one of seven. We had to leave at 9am and it took a little over an hour to reach the bottom of the hill where the castle is situated. 

It was a walk up to there, but so worth it


It was raining while we were there, and I didn’t have my umbrella with me, but the positive way of looking at that would be that it just added to the atmosphere! The views from the top were so pretty

I probably should mention where we actually were; it’s called Llansteffan Castle, build in the 12th century by the Normans. It is not in the best shape, definitely not livable, but it was built hundreds of years ago! And I was able to touch the stone that has been standing for centuries

Then there was a beach right below it (well, after a walk back in the slippery rain.)

So yeah, pretty awesome day. Then we went to Tesco’s and got lots of stuff! Actually I really do need more, seeing as how I am staying here for months and months. My room is totally big enough, if it was tidier! My desk is so messy now, basically using my bed as an additional desk. But I need more surfaces! Who wants to be organized and have things away where they go, that’s just boring;)