So finally, after several years of really really wanting to go, I was in the capital of Wales! It is such a beautiful city, typical European architecture I suppose, but being from British Columbia, from Langford, that type of architecture is very welcome. The going to Cardiff was part of the Cultural Programme that this school offers, however, it takes 3 hours to go from Lampeter to Cardiff, and they were just going to let us have a few hours in the city. Definitely not enough time to see everything  So, I booked a hostel. Yup, first time ever doing something like that, and it was actually pretty easy. And worked out really well. It was a private 6 bed (3 bunk beds  room, with tall ceilings. It was very satisfactory for what we – enough people to fill the beds – needed. It was just for 1 night, and not as if we really did see everything that Cardiff has to offer, but as you can see from the opening photograph, basically the only reason I wanted to go was accomplished. 

No not really. REALLY. That is totally not the only reason I’ve wanted to go to Cardiff. If someone doesn’t know who Doctor Who is, sorry, but a few of the other people who came to Cardiff didn’t know, and I’m not going to continue to explain it. It is a very difficult show to explain, and make it sound good! Suffice to say, I like it, and it was so fun inside that building.!i=2134315968&k=B2SDrwt&lb=1&s=A

There might have been a few fangirly moments. However this was not the only thing that we did, this was the second day. But there is not that much photographic evidence to say contrary, I really did not take that many pictures of actual Cardiff. But here is one:

See? So pretty! Well, perhaps minus construction. And construction there was! Not in the city centre, but the Bay, which is reminiscent of Victoria with the harbour, there was so much stuff going on. In addition, there was also the half-marathon happening while we were there, so a bunch of people running in orange shirts kind of ruined our pictures, and the overall normal ambiance of what it’s normally supposed to be like. Still, we were there, and have yet another reason to return! It is only 3 hours away, and there is a direct bus that goes there, stopping along the way from Cardiff in Port Talbot, Swansea, Llandeilo, Carmarthen, and finally Lampeter, though the final stop is Aberystwyth, an hour away from Lampeter. Really not that bad, and on the return journey, which one way cost £12.50, I just wrote some of my essay which is due November 5th. Yes, I’m very studious.

Oh well the first day, when the school dropped us off, we went here

A 5 minute walk from there and you are in the centre of town, surrounded by so many shops. And people! We went on the weekend, but still, some stores were so ridiculously crowded! Still lovely though. If I don’t go back alone, the school is doing another trip in February I think, so I’ll go on that again. The hostel worked out very well, not the most centrally located, so to get anywhere we called (I say we, me. All 4 times that a taxi was called, somebody dialed the number as I don’t have a phone, and passed it to me. I never do that at home, but here I was kind of in charge of doing that stuff. They said it was because my English was better, and ‘they’ being 1 German and 2 Americans, and then 3 Chinese, I’ll take it!) Split between us though, taxi rides come out pretty cheap. Much quicker anyway than a bus, which we did take once. And I don’t like the Cardiff buses. Nothing wrong with the actual bus, but every time the ‘Stop’ button was pushed, it was this horribly obnoxious loud piercing beep, not a little ding like normal.

Also which added to the niceness of it was that it did not rain at all while we were there. Not that I dislike the rain, but when carrying backpacks around all day, it’s nice to not have to worry about them getting wet. Because yes overall it was a very nice trip, short, but a good intro to Cardiff, which totally deserves more time. It’s a fairly large city (at least way bigger than Lampeter) and has so much more. So perhaps soon I’ll go again. But then there are so many more other places to go!

I shall leave this Cardiff with bells. Lovely, lovely church bells.


Now, unrelated to Cardiff, but was a great source of stress for several weeks, is my violin  Now, I couldn’t bring mine with me, so I went and rented one from Carmarthen, an hour bus ride away from me. Well, I got one, finally after being busy here for a bit, and brought it back. Well, it wasn’t the nicest, it had a good sound sure, but really difficult to tune. And an out of tune violin is pretty useless, so I tried to crank the peg a little bit more, and I snapped the string. Now, and even more useless violin. And it was the day of the Lampeter Chamber Orchestra rehearsal, which the previous week I had sat in with no violin. I didn’t want to do that again, so I just went at the beginning to say hi and sorry that I still don’t have a working violin! I returned to Carmarthen a couple days later, tried a few more violin, and found one that sounds really really nice. A used violin, a couple dints here and there, but it seems good, and more importantly, it is tunable! So today I shall finally play in the orchestra. Not in the concert, which is next week, but at least be part of a rehearsal, which  haven’t done since May. This orchestra includes a couple trumpets, a couple clarinets, and drums! A nice one person percussion section.

And here is Wales

Oh also my classes started, and I dropped one because I don’t know anything about Medieval History and I’m going to have to write 15,000 words, or 6 essays, by January. But that is not the exciting part of this week!

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  1. Hi Caitlin, I bumped into your dad a few days ago and he suggested I check out your blog. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself in the U.K. It’s always nice for us ex-pats to see where we come from, from a whole new perspective. I would never have seen the beauty in Cardiff!

    All the best


  2. Hmmm my Dr. Who and your parents would be Tom Baker so who are your Dr. Who-s?

    Wonder if the Dalek got upgraded or not.

    Uncle Alan

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