It’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Well not quite yet, still Christmas Eve and watching Doctor Who. Lovely evening! Especially after cooking all day: Buche de Noel, Gluten-Free Sausage Rolls, Bacon wrapped Sausage, Bacon wrapped Dates stuffed with Almonds, and Nachos. So busy Christmas cooking day, in a kitchen that I will never complain about again. After living in student accommodation, in that kitchen, it’s nice to be home. Not that Lampeter was that bad, but having 7 people share a pretty small space was not the greatest. Plus the oven, which is standard in the UK but so tiny compared to here, was not the fastest. So I will never complain about the kitchen here.

It’s been slightly over a week since I’ve been home, and so happy I am here! The house wasn’t too decorated for Christmas when I got back, so I did the tree, and then the garlands were put up a couple days later. So there has been ‘less’ Christmas than usual, as decorations usually go up weeks in advance. But everything is done now, and looks so great. Christmas is just a few hours away! On Facebook everyone was saying “Happy Christmas”, but not in my timezone it’s not yet! But soon yes it’s Christmas, and it’s nice to be home for it.

Thoughts from LHR

So waiting in the airport on the way coming home for Christmas I thought I should just write down a few thoughts, and so here they are. Keep in mind I was so tired, having not gone to sleep, and excited to be coming home, so if none of it makes sense…anyways I am home now, and so glad I am back in Victoria! Lovely to be with my sisters again, if only for a short while. Continue reading