Thoughts from LHR

So waiting in the airport on the way coming home for Christmas I thought I should just write down a few thoughts, and so here they are. Keep in mind I was so tired, having not gone to sleep, and excited to be coming home, so if none of it makes sense…anyways I am home now, and so glad I am back in Victoria! Lovely to be with my sisters again, if only for a short while.

“So here I sit again, a mere 3 months later I’m in the airport, London Heathrow, Terminal 3 waiting to go home for Christmas. It has been an amazing 3 months! I am so happy I chose to go to Wales, it really is a fantastic place. Of course I am returning next month, but still it was really sad to say good-bye to people yesterday. I say yesterday, it’s just been a really long day. The bus left from Lampeter at 4am. Yep, 4 am. So, absolutely no point in going to bed, just stay up and wait till the time comes. Because since I’ve been here, 4 am has happened a few times…That sounds a bit awful, but post-midnight is productive essay writing time! Speaking if which I should be doing now probably, but I am so tired I can’t really concentrate, and wi-fi doesn’t seem to work/be free in this airport. I loved Vancouver Wi-Fi! It worked really simply.

Anyway, I can’t even remember last post I wrote, or what it was about. I don’t really know what to write about now, go through daily activities? Well, let’s say this; I am so glad that I can play the violin, and that I rented one in Wales. Because of the violin, and wanting a place to play it, I joined the Lampeter Folk Society. And through that I’ve met many great people, and have done a few things I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for that. So yay for music!

Wow my head is really going, leaving at 4am, then arrived at the airport at 9am. But I couldn’t check in till 10:30. And then walked through security, and now it’s noon, and just waiting in the lounge for 1:30 so I can go to the gate. Agh that seems such a long time away!

Anyways, excited to be going home, didn’t think I was, so quite happy about that! Get to see sisters again, and my cat. But only for 3 and a half weeks, then I’m back in Britain! ”

So there are my tired ramblings. I know I could write sooo much more about my time in Wales, hopefully next term I will actually sit down and do proper posts.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from LHR

  1. Omgs! Welcome home! We need to get together before you leave. Merry Belated Christmas. My email was hacked so the only way to contact me is by phone. Hopefully you’re free before you leave :)

  2. Hi! I’m starting the application process for Wales (Sept 2013) and I was wondering if you have any advice or anything. as is (hopefully) normal, I’m already starting to panic and I’ve basically finished the application but I’m scared to hand it in…also looking at the scholarship you mention, it looks quite difficult to apply to! But any advice would be appreciated, hope your having a great time!

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