Wow so it has been a looooooooooooooong time since I’ve written a post. Um, yeah no not really any excuses, just haven’t done it. Well, my excuse this month and last month was I had essays to write, so felt guilty about typing this instead of writing. That still hasn’t changed, I haven’t even started my essay due in a week, ┬ábut thought I could jot down a couple paragraphs. I’m still alive!

Like I said, before leaving to come here I thought I would write so often; and I probably would if it wasn’t for Facebook. Instant gratification nearly, can know that so many are keeping track of me that way. Different people I think on this blog, but I don’t get that many comments so don’t know who/if anyone really reads! Well, that is my own fault I suppose this year, not putting up any content for people to actually comment on…so never mind.

2013! I went to Edinburgh at the end of January, so amazing and gorgeous, loved it so much! So glad I went alone, able to do what I really came to Europe to do: travel. Now I wish I could write more about it, but the guilty feeling of writing that other essay setting in, as is writer’s block, so I think I shall leave it at this little bit and hopefully contribute something sooner than last time! If that sentence made any sense….