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My completely spur of the moment random trip to Edinburgh at the end of January this year was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. Seriously, the choice to go is one I definitely don’t regret, and am soooo glad that I did go. I landed in London the 10th of January, then went to Oxfordshire for a few days, still very jetlagged and exhausted. Perhaps not the best state to be in to meet your boyfriend’s parents, but they invited me back so I can’t have been that terrible. I just remember being zombie-like to super-hyper. Extreme exhaustion after not sleeping at all on the plane! Instead I watched movies, Finding Nemo, When Harry met Sally, Hotel Transylvania, and some of Rocky Horror Picture Show. So pretty fun plane ride, just very tired when I landed. When I landed I didn’t rush at all (quite different from last time), slowly walked out, brushed my hair etc, and then by the time I got to passport control there was 1 person in front of me. Not a very long wait then, and my suitcase was one of the few left spinning round. 

So I walked to the Heathrow bus station, and got on a bus to Oxford which only took an hour and a bit. Then did a little tour around Banbury, then to a little tiny village. Next day slept in till 2, and went for a walk in the countryside, passing the house that was used in Colin Firth’s Pride and Prejudice adaptation. So that was fun. Then Oxford the next day, such a pretty city! Don’t know if I’d want to go to university there, but it is gorgeous. Then got driven back to Lampeter, an enjoyable several hour car journey. And all throughout this I had an essay due, so doing a little whenever I could.

Once back in Lampeter essay was finished, and a few days of not doing much. Classes weren’t starting for ages, another 2 weeks. So, I decided to go somewhere. I’d heard Edinburgh was nice, and I didn’t want to have to fly anywhere, stay fairly close and in the UK. So then I just booked the train ticket and the hostel 4 days before leaving! Thought about it for 3 days, then finally booked, because I knew that I should just go and and do it, too much thinking not good for a decision like this. But it was such an amazing trip!!!

I had to take the bus to Aberystwyth, then take the train to Wolverhampton, switch, then onto Edinburgh. All in all nearly 8 hours of travel. I got to Edinburgh Sunday evening, it was freezing cold, snowing, and dark. I was carrying a heavy bag, and not exactly sure where my hostel was. I loved it from the second I stepped out of the train station!! It was amazingly beautiful. Eventually I did find my hostel, which was actually really nice and clean and well organized. And really central, right on the Royal Mile. Not that Edinburgh is huge anyways, I walked nearly everywhere.

The city is so gorgeous, it is kind of like what one imagines Elizabethan London to be like, but it is actually real! And now! Old old buildings, gone brown due to all the chimneys in Victoria era, and very hilly, so buildings all kind of stacked. And lots of alleys, or ‘closes’. Went to the Castle, and Holyrood palace (official residence of the Queen), saw Mary Queen of Scots chambers, amazing, walked around the city, the Walter Scott Monument is my favourite thing, so pretty and gothic, Greyfriars cemetery, very cool, and just walking around so many pretty buildings.

I stayed 5 nights, the penultimate day took a trip to the Highlands for the day, saw the outside of the castle that was featured in some of Monty Python’s Holy Grail, but it was snowing, so walking around the castle and almost slipped all the way down the steep drop to the rapidly moving water. Well, maybe not that dramatic. But it was snowing a lot! Not at all in the city, but as soon as we left, Scotland was all white. Then we went to a couple castles, and a lake where nothing could be seen, just whiteness. So, I built a snowman, as you do. Mountains and lakes, the scenery reminded me of BC.

Then when it was time to go back to Lampeter, went to the train station, waited to see what platform my train was leaving from…..and….cancelled. Yup, train was cancelled. Slight minute of panic, (I had been saying I would love to be stuck in Edinburgh, but really, I was all packed up then and didn’t really mean it!) so kind of annoyed then. Went to the info desk, and a new route was given to me, but it got me to Aberystwyth 4 hours later than originally planned. But it was the only one I could take, so I bought a couple books and just sat and waited forever for my train, then switched somewhere, then Manchester, then finally Aber. Back in Lampeter way later than expected, but still, definitely worth the journey! Would love to go back there.

The cultural programme trips are the same this term as last semester’s, went to Bath, Cardiff, St David’s, and Llansteffan castle. All lovely wonderful trips! Not too much has been happening, just school work and stuff. My hair is pink, don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but yes my hair has been pink since November. Maybe going red next week. Not too much else to write about, maybe if specifics are asked of me, but otherwise, just been a student really these last few months. Essays are due, but luckily soon it is Easter break and will be going to lots of places!






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