No More School = Blog! Finally!

Well. It certainly has been a while since I have written a post. Months and months. In my defense, my laptop died (temporarily) in July, and I wrote out a whole blog post on Word, and then….never posted it. And then August was not such a great month, and school started in September, and my go to excuse for not writing a post is I feel guilty about blogging rather than essaying! But anyways. No more excuses, let’s just write. Slight recap perhaps; I’ve been at the University of Victoria since September, and Ollie came over for Christmas. Oh, that really wasn’t a very long recap. Not much has actually happened since my last post. Well what will happen, is I will be going to Aberystwyth! And yes, that is spelt correctly.

Since I am at UVic, and any student can participate in an exchange, I decided to apply again, because how could I not return to Britain? An exchange is a great opportunity to return, and hopefully I will also find a job during the summer.

And now I’m remembering why I don’t often write blog posts, I can think of such great things to write, and then when I start typing, I completely blank out, and just wonder what the point of writing endlessly to the Internet. Possibly sometimes I will write useful and interesting things, but apparently it is not today. I don’t even have no school, I still have 2 exams to study for, but all done in 10 days! And then flying away in slightly less than 5 weeks:)