Day 2 and 3

I really should be consistently doing this, but clearly I have not because it is Sunday, and I got here Wednesday. Also I really don’t want to reread my ramble and I can’t remember what I wrote, but let’s try to recap. I am just about over jetlag now, other than the second night I’ve slept fine, so I have a decent schedule. I have done a free walking tour with Sandeman, one of the few tours where the guide was actually from the city! So that was nice.

I don’t have a linear thought process right now so I will just write random paragraphs. That suffices as a post, right?

Café Nero on Princes Street is beautiful. Loads of books in the upstairs bit, and good Wi-Fi. Also an awesome view of the castle. Café Nero just off the Royal Mile is small, but attached to Blackwell Bookstore which is really nice. Decent WIFI. Café Nero right on the Royal Mile by St Giles Cathedral, is not good. Very cramped, and the wifi was not working. Now I am not a Café Nero or coffee addict, I have just been very tired and don’t want to walk around for hours and hours, and it is very acceptable to just sit in a Café Nero for an hour or so. It’s also acceptable to sit in a Starbucks for hours, however, Starbucks charges you depending on the size of the tea, whereas Café Nero is a flat rate for a nice pot. So Café Nero wins out purely for that reason. But also the one on Princes Street has a great view and lots of nice seating, so it will be nice just to go there too. This city can get very cold, so I will need to have places of refuge that are nice!

Speaking of cold, this morning it was so blustery, I stayed in and worked on my resume, or CV as I shall now call it. It was going well, I was being productive, and then I decided nah I need to go out and see the city. Weather was good, a lot less cold than I thought it would be, I ended up taking off my scarf! Nice walk through the Meadows, the Airbnb I’m staying at is in a nice location. Lots of buses to centre of town, but also it was a really nice walk. I’m still not very good with the geography of the city, hopefully that will improve. But it was a nice walk into town, where I bought a ticket for a walking tour, so then I had a few hours still to wait before it.

I wandered up to St Giles Cathedral, which actually is not a cathedral but just a church as it doesn’t have a bishop, but it called itself a cathedral. Presbyterian/Catholic issues there. It is really nice inside, though not the size of actual cathedrals in England. But it’s not the size that counts of course. I stayed in there for a while as it was warm, loads of tourists coming and going all the time. Then I wandered to Pie Maker to get some food. I got a classic Scotch Pie, which actually no I do not recommend. The pastry it nice, however it is basically just grey meat stuff inside. At only £1.70 can’t expect too much, but still. Their other pies looked nice though, will try again soon. Then went and sat in Café Nero because I did not want to be in the cold for ages before the walking tour.

On pies, on Saturday I got a pie to take away from Auld Jockke Shop on the Grassmarket, and it was so hot I did not eat it right then. I wandered down and sat next to the National Gallery on some steps thing, and then live music started playing next to me. It was rock with a bagpipe, so it did sound really cool. Then I went to Primark and exerted a huge amount of self-control and only bought 3 things. There are honestly so many things I want from there, but I am waiting until I get a proper flat.

Because of the cold, I have bought a new purse. It’s hard to tell the exact temperature just by looking out the window, so you need to leave prepared with gloves and a scarf and eventually a hat/earmuffs. All that, plus wallet and notebook and chocolate and sweets do not all fit in a small bag, so I had to get a larger one. Because I need all those things with me at all times.

Ooh sweets, so I bought one of my favourite British sweets that are very difficult to find: Mulled Wine Creams. Occasionally you can find other flavoured creams, usually summer or ginger, and sweet ginger is of course gross, summer are alright, but the mulled wine is so good and I am so happy I found them. They are definitely weird sweets, not hard candies but not soft or chewy. They are a bit chalky, kind of like bon-bon shaped rockets, but more dissolvable. So yeah, side note, creams are awesome but no one else seems to really them. More for me!

The city is of course beautiful. What is also really pretty is walking up Calton Hill (side not – that name annoys me so so much. I want it to be CaRlton Hill. But it’s not. It’s just Calton) when its’ just getting completely dark, and there’s dark clouds, but still a bit of lighter sky rippled through, and it’s super windy and blustery and the lights on the city are all lit up beneath you and you’re at the edge looking down at the gorgeous lights and up at the stunning sky. So so windy, but also so wonderful. And not too cold. Just beautiful.

I’m struggling a bit with the need a flat to get a job but need a job to get a flat. At least I have a bank account sorted, and a temporary phone situation, but still it’s really annoying. There is a high demand for flats apparently in the city, (I mean, who wouldn’t want to live here?) so I don’t know realistically how it is going to go. I just want a flat! I’ve got a few viewings lined up, and I will also try to apply for jobs. Just need to write that CV. And what am I doing instead? Midnight ramble recap of what I have done so far, which is basically sit in various Café Neros and buy a purse. Exciting times.

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