Job Hunting

Ok so I’m really not good at keeping blogs, I know this, but I’m eternally optimistic that I will actually stick with it. This is the third time I am writing, in almost 2 weeks, so I guess that’s pretty good? Tomorrow I leave Edinburgh, and it’s been fairly successful. I don’t have a guaranteed job – actually it’s complicated, more on that soon – and I don’t have a flat, but it was always very wishful thinking that I would have both in place by now. What has definitely happened, is I’ve walked around the city, and it is absolutely beautiful. I have a fully functioning bank account and a brand-new phone with a good SIM, and while it’s expensive for UK standards (£15 a month) it is so so cheap by Canadian standards. So I can’t complain too much.

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Day 2 and 3

I really should be consistently doing this, but clearly I have not because it is Sunday, and I got here Wednesday. Also I really don’t want to reread my ramble and I can’t remember what I wrote, but let’s try to recap. I am just about over jetlag now, other than the second night I’ve slept fine, so I have a decent schedule. I have done a free walking tour with Sandeman, one of the few tours where the guide was actually from the city! So that was nice.

I don’t have a linear thought process right now so I will just write random paragraphs. That suffices as a post, right?

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I have moved to Edinburgh!


I have been talking and thinking about doing it for years, and as one of the most irritating things is when people say they will do something but don’t actually do it, I had to just do it. And so I have. That’s a good enough reason to do something, right? To not be a hypocrite? I mean of course it is a beautiful city and I am very excited to be here, but the final push was just the thought that I keep talking about doing it, moving, so I should do it.

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No More School = Blog! Finally!

Well. It certainly has been a while since I have written a post. Months and months. In my defense, my laptop died (temporarily) in July, and I wrote out a whole blog post on Word, and then….never posted it. And then August was not such a great month, and school started in September, and my go to excuse for not writing a post is I feel guilty about blogging rather than essaying! But anyways. No more excuses, let’s just write. Slight recap perhaps; I’ve been at the University of Victoria since September, and Ollie came over for Christmas. Oh, that really wasn’t a very long recap. Not much has actually happened since my last post. Well what will happen, is I will be going to Aberystwyth! And yes, that is spelt correctly.

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Lots of Stuff and Pictures!

My completely spur of the moment random trip to Edinburgh at the end of January this year was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. Seriously, the choice to go is one I definitely don’t regret, and am soooo glad that I did go. I landed in London the 10th of January, then went to Oxfordshire for a few days, still very jetlagged and exhausted. Perhaps not the best state to be in to meet your boyfriend’s parents, but they invited me back so I can’t have been that terrible. I just remember being zombie-like to super-hyper. Extreme exhaustion after not sleeping at all on the plane! Instead I watched movies, Finding Nemo, When Harry met Sally, Hotel Transylvania, and some of Rocky Horror Picture Show. So pretty fun plane ride, just very tired when I landed. When I landed I didn’t rush at all (quite different from last time), slowly walked out, brushed my hair etc, and then by the time I got to passport control there was 1 person in front of me. Not a very long wait then, and my suitcase was one of the few left spinning round.  Continue reading


Wow so it has been a looooooooooooooong time since I’ve written a post. Um, yeah no not really any excuses, just haven’t done it. Well, my excuse this month and last month was I had essays to write, so felt guilty about typing this instead of writing. That still hasn’t changed, I haven’t even started my essay due in a week,  but thought I could jot down a couple paragraphs. I’m still alive!

Like I said, before leaving to come here I thought I would write so often; and I probably would if it wasn’t for Facebook. Instant gratification nearly, can know that so many are keeping track of me that way. Different people I think on this blog, but I don’t get that many comments so don’t know who/if anyone really reads! Well, that is my own fault I suppose this year, not putting up any content for people to actually comment on…so never mind.

2013! I went to Edinburgh at the end of January, so amazing and gorgeous, loved it so much! So glad I went alone, able to do what I really came to Europe to do: travel. Now I wish I could write more about it, but the guilty feeling of writing that other essay setting in, as is writer’s block, so I think I shall leave it at this little bit and hopefully contribute something sooner than last time! If that sentence made any sense….

It’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Well not quite yet, still Christmas Eve and watching Doctor Who. Lovely evening! Especially after cooking all day: Buche de Noel, Gluten-Free Sausage Rolls, Bacon wrapped Sausage, Bacon wrapped Dates stuffed with Almonds, and Nachos. So busy Christmas cooking day, in a kitchen that I will never complain about again. After living in student accommodation, in that kitchen, it’s nice to be home. Not that Lampeter was that bad, but having 7 people share a pretty small space was not the greatest. Plus the oven, which is standard in the UK but so tiny compared to here, was not the fastest. So I will never complain about the kitchen here.

It’s been slightly over a week since I’ve been home, and so happy I am here! The house wasn’t too decorated for Christmas when I got back, so I did the tree, and then the garlands were put up a couple days later. So there has been ‘less’ Christmas than usual, as decorations usually go up weeks in advance. But everything is done now, and looks so great. Christmas is just a few hours away! On Facebook everyone was saying “Happy Christmas”, but not in my timezone it’s not yet! But soon yes it’s Christmas, and it’s nice to be home for it.

Thoughts from LHR

So waiting in the airport on the way coming home for Christmas I thought I should just write down a few thoughts, and so here they are. Keep in mind I was so tired, having not gone to sleep, and excited to be coming home, so if none of it makes sense…anyways I am home now, and so glad I am back in Victoria! Lovely to be with my sisters again, if only for a short while. Continue reading


Today as I had no classes, I decided to take the bus up to Aberystwyth. Not that I had nothing to do, I would like to finish my essay this week, as well my room needs cleaning before inspections, and laundry would be good too. Yes, we are going to have room inspections, I suppose a good things to make sure things are properly clean, but I, not being the neatest person, don’t know exactly how clean I should make it. Well, I say clean, it is only cluttered, nothing worth fines. Because they do fine you! If a cleaner is required to come in, or something fixed that you broke, it comes out of the deposit you paid at the beginning of the year. So hopefully, she won’t find anything fine-worthy! As well laundry, is really horrible here. Well, meaning that I have to go outside of my building, so two flights of stairs, and then across this complex of buildings before coming to the laundry room, with 4 washers and 4 dryers. Only, for hundreds of students. And then, it costs £2.00 to wash, £1.50 to dry. I really hate doing laundry, firstly there is the walk (lampathy!) then the paying, then the waiting, and then returning to put it in the dryer, and waiting some more. That, if there are even any empty machines.

Anyway, I was going to write about Aberystwyth! The lovely sea side town (Aber mean water, or sea something like that) that is so cute and quaint. Huge, in comparison with Lampeter, but very much a town. Shopped a bit, wandered by the sea, walked through some 700 year old castle ruins, had tea, and finally took the hour long bus back. Yes really, I had tea! Never do you get that in Victoria, just stumble upon castle remains built by Edward I. It is very much in ruins, yet you can still see the outline of it, as well as a few arches are still standing. So you can just walk through it and around it! Very cool.

It was a really nice day, meaning clear and not raining. Freezing cold, or at least, cold, especially by the water, but the sun was shining. It is actually a sizable town, lots of hills to walk up, and holding the national library of Wales, as well as a university. So quite studenty  too. Within 3 hours, there are 3 universities in Wales. But one of the…____ signs I saw on the bus, was one that looked like those ‘deer crossing’ signs, but said “elderly people” and actually had an image of 2 people walking hunched with walkers. I didn’t get a picture because it came too fast, but yes it is really what it was as there was another not too far down.

I should really stop procrastinating on this essay, going to Aberystwyth was half shopping, half travel, and half just procrastinating on this essay. I really really want it done, but can’t seem to get past 50 words at a time. But it’ll be so great when it’s finished! Because then I’ll have another one to start…

It’s Raining, it’s Pouring…

It has been raining really really hard here for the last couple days, and as a result, the river is flooded. This univeristy is situated right in the town, the tiny town with 3 streets. As you exit the university gates, you are on one of the main streets of Lampeter. As you walk into the actual gates, there are all the buildings, and then there is a tiny river, and over the bridge there are the student housing. So to get to the supermarket, it is less than a 10 minute walk, 5 if you go fast. But really, no reason to rush here, just dawdle.  Continue reading